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Intern Training

Since 2009, the Centre has carried out an internship program targeted for BBA/MSc International Shipping and Transport Logistics students of Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies.  This program serves as a support to the Work-Integrated Education (WIE), a compulsory component of the undergraduate programs under Faculty of Business of PolyU; as well as the Maritime Industry Internship, a compulsory credit requirement under Msc International Shipping and Transport Logistics for the Hong Kong Maritime and Logistics Scholarship Scheme.

The Interns will be assigned to assist in library works and/or research projects undertaken by the R & D team with training.  The internship provides opportunity for the interns applying their knowledge and skills taught in classroom to the real workplace, and enhance their communication skills in a working environment.

This internship program accomplishes the centre's mission of supporting maritime education and research in parallel.