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The R & D team endeavors to enhance the quality of its researches, develop its connection and cooperation with other academics and researchers within the university as well as external experts. In 2013, the R & D Centre has started to organize an Academic Advisory Committee (AAC), comprising of scholars, researchers and professionals, whose research area of interest on maritime related topics, from PolyU, local/overseas educational institutions, and the maritime industry. 

The members of AAC will:

  • advise and guide PMDC research topics on global and regional maritime policy that can have significant impact on the development of maritime industry of Hong Kong;
  • review and evaluate research proposals, research progress and directions of PMDC;
  • share updated maritime information, knowledge, and research results with academic staff of PolyU, research personnel of PMDC, as well as the policy makers and industry.



Chairman: Director of PMDC (ex officio)

Committee members

  1. External members:  invited international scholars and researchers
  2. Internal members: invited academic staff of Department of Logistic and Maritime Studies engaged in maritime economics, law and policy research.


Terms of Office

Members will normally be invited for a three-year term.





Dr Dong Yang
Director of PMLC
Associate Professor, LMS (PolyU)

Internal Members (PolyU)

Prof Chin-Shan Lu
Professor, LMS

Prof Hans Wang
Deputy Director of PMLC

Professor, LMS (PolyU)

Prof Zhou Xu
Professor, LMS

Dr T.L. Yip
Associate Professor, LMS

Dr Ling Zhu
Associate Professor, LMS