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PolyU Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre

PolyU Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre (formerly the "IMC-Frank Tsao Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre") was established in 2009 to promote maritime education and research in Hong Kong.

The Centre is supported by the Transport and Housing Bureau (THB) and the Marine Department of the HKSAR government and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

The Centre, incorporating the Maritime Library, provides services to PolyU faculties and students, the maritime community and the government. The Centre is aimed at promoting maritime education to enhance the position of Hong Kong's maritime industry and providing up-to-date maritime information for the government and the maritime community. It initiates and conducts research as well as provides training for the industry. The Centre consults THB and the Marine Department on research and development projects and co-operates with them in promoting research and development to meet industry needs.

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