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Director's Message

Hong Kong has been the international shipping center in Asia from the 1980s, due to its efficient port services and globally competitive shipping industry that are flourished on the free economic system, efficient government, the just and transparent legal system, and recently, the first-rate financial services. This position, however, is challenged by both external and internal factors. External factors include the emerging shipping centers from Singapore as well as from Shanghai. Internally, the invisible hand is dragging the young generation away from the maritime profession. There is a huge gap between the demand for educated shipping personals and what the educational institution can produce. To meet with these challenges, it requires the joint efforts from government, maritime industry and education institutes, as well as the public awareness on the importance of the shipping industry to Hong Kong economy.

PMLC strives to strengthen its services to students, academics, and industry, and extended its impact to not only the maritime industry in Hong Kong, but also worldwide. It endeavors to understand and accommodate the needs of its users. As a result, the users of the maritime library have been stably increased since its establishment in 2009. Through sponsoring and holding industry forums, PMLC provides a platform for government officials, specialists and practitioners of maritime industry, as well as academics to share their views about the contemporary issues on maritime education and policy; while organizing academic seminars draw local and overseas academics to exchange their insights for enhancing the maritime education, which is essential for training a pool of talents corresponding to the needs of the industry.

PMLC recognizes the importance of external collaborations to increase its publicity worldwide, so as to contribute more to the maritime education and the industry. PMLC has entered into cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Maritime Museum Ltd. (HKMM) in maritime literature collection, education, training and research. PMLC also has partnered with IMC HKISTL Foundation (Hong Kong) and Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI) and formed the Shanghai-Hongkong International Maritime Research & Development and Communication Center (SHK-IMRDCC), to increase the communication and cooperation between the maritime industry in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and contribute to the development of International Shipping Centers in both places.

With the challenges, new developments, and progresses, PMLC is fully charged to better serve our students, academics, practitioners, as well as government policy-makers in their respective way to success!

Meifeng Luo
Director of PolyU Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre