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Director's Message

Big data is revolutionizing the world we live in today, and the maritime industry is no exception. The ability to collect, analyze, and leverage vast amounts of data from diverse sources is driving significant improvements in efficiency, safety, and sustainability across both the private and public sectors.


Hong Kong has long been recognized as a leading international shipping center in Asia since the 1980s, renowned for its efficient port services and globally competitive shipping industry. However, in recent times, this position has faced challenges from both external and internal factors. Externally, emerging shipping centers in Singapore and Shanghai have posed competition. Internally, the younger generation is increasingly disengaging from the maritime profession due to traditional working styles. This has created a significant gap between the demand for well-educated shipping professionals and the capacity of educational institutions to produce them. However, it is noticed the maritime industry is experiencing a reformation of digitalization and decarbonization.


To address these challenges and embrace reformation, the PolyU Maritime Data and Sustainable Development Centre (PMDC) is committed to strengthening its services to students, academics, and the industry, not only in Hong Kong but also on a global scale. By collecting and analyzing various types of data, such as vessel tracking, marine data, satellite imagery, and port data, we aim to provide solutions that create management tools, regulations, and policies to enhance the efficiency of shipping operations, improve decision-making processes, and foster safer and more environmentally friendly working environments.


PMDC acts as a platform for government officials, specialists, practitioners, and academics in the maritime industry to share their insights on contemporary issues in maritime education and policy. Through organizing academic seminars and conferences, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas among local and overseas experts, enhancing the maritime industry and education. This is crucial for nurturing a talented workforce that aligns with the evolving needs of our industry.


With the ever-evolving challenges and advancements in big data technology, PMDC is fully dedicated to supporting our students, academics, practitioners, and government policy-makers on their respective paths to success.



Director of PolyU Maritime Data and Sustainable Development Centre