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The R & D team of PMDC, led by the Centre's Director, strives to promote and support the development of maritime education and industry by conducting research, publishing papers and articles.  The studies, combining academic knowledge, statistical analysis, insights on market and policy study focus on hot and contemporary issues as well as the future development of the maritime education and industry. 

To extend the scope of research areas and enhance professionalism on specific topic in a research, the R & D team sometimes team up with researchers or scholars in PolyU and other institutions. 

The R & D team intends to serve as a maritime policy research centre and think tank, through the findings and conclusions of the studies, to present the status quo of maritime education and industry, and make suggestions for policy makers' consideration. 


Talks & Seminars

PMDC occasionally organizes talks and seminars, and participates conferences and seminars held by maritime authorities, associations and organizations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and overseas.  These activities provide a platform for the exchange of up-to-date information and views among students, academics, practitioners and other participants as well as for building up a network to facilitate future cooperation.

The interaction between participants with different background enables them to understand the expectation and needs of each segment in the industry, hence helping each another to advance and boost the development of individual segment as well as the whole industry.

The members take such opportunity to obtain the firsthand information of recent maritime affairs and policy, and keep abreast of the regional and global market news, which are important constituents of a research.