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Center announcement

Our steering committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Dong YANG as our new director effective from 1 December 2023.


As Director, Dr YANG will provide his leadership to drive our initiatives in advancing research, training and knowledge exchange activities for the centre and the industry.


Our Centre will collect and analyze a wide range of data, including AIS data, port/city maps, ship traffic video, shipping service information among others, to offer to users. Through these data, we aim to derive valuable insights pertaining to shipping operations, logistics, environmental impact, and vessel/port performance. These insights will enpower informed decision-making, improve industry practices, and contribute regional development.


Our Centre will assume a crucial role in driving the transformation of the maritime industry, while also dedicating itself to offering comprehensive education and training programs for industry professionals. To facilitate discussions on cutting-edge research, emerging trends, and best practices, we will actively organize maritime-related seminars and conferences. By doing so, we aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the maritime community. Our Centre will serve as a vibrant hub for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and industry networking, bringing together diverse stakeholders to shape the future of the maritime sector.


Our Centre will also maintain a collection of resources like books, databases, and printing services for the benefit of our users, primarily LMS students, to support their journey towards becoming maritime professionals.